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Getting to Know Emersion-ites: Amanda Curran

Spotlight on Marketing Coordinator, Amanda Curran!

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Celebrating 7 Years

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! We’re celebrating our seven years of business and wanted to take the time to thank all of those who have been a part of our journey to date.

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MIke Sundrup – around the world

Getting to Know Emersion-ites: Mike Sundrup

Spotlight on Architect, Mike Sundrup!

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Living Future Logo

Living Future Conference – Portland, OR, May 21-23

Shawn tells about his trip to Portland, Oregon for the Living Future unConference.

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Attending NeoCon 2014 – Part II: Furniture & Technology

Part II of Heather’s adventures at the recent Neocon!

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Attending NeoCon 2014 – Part I: Finishes

Part I of Heather’s adventures at the recent Neocon!

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Cubicle Schmubicle – The evolution of the open office

As a new employee at emersion DESIGN the wide open “big desk” can seem quite daunting and the open office space can take some adjustment time; our new Project Manager, John, tells us about his experience shifting from the standard cubicle-farm to the more collaborative set up.

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Getting to Know Emersion-ites: Chad Edwards

Spotlight on Principal, Chad Edwards!

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Lunken Beerfest

John Eby is spreading the word about the inaugural Lunken Beerfest on June 28th. Live music, good food, cornhole tournament, and more for great causes!

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AIA Cincinnati: Critical Conversation

Inspiration: AIA Cincinnati “Critical Conversations: The Missing 32%”

Heather has always advocated for growth in female architects and their surprisingly low registration numbers. The first in a series of discussions (“Critical Conversations”) will focus on just that. This entry is a preview of some of the questions and topics that will be on the agenda. We hope to see you there!

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Getting to Know Emersion-ites: Nikki Kelley

Spotlight on the Director of Marketing, Nikki Kelley.

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Inspiration: Artswave

As an active ArtsWave chairperson, Mark helps support the Fine Arts Fund in many ways. As this year’s campaign recently came to a close he offers a few words of support and insight into his passion for this great cause.

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LADD Taking Flight Awards: Celebrating Independence

Nikki Kelley tells about her experience at the third annual Taking Flight Awards dinner to celebrate people and their successes on the road to independence put on by Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD).

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2014 APG Good Design Challenge – Shaggy Shigeru

Good Design Challenge 2014

emersion DESIGN participated in the 2nd “Good Design Challenge” sponsored by APG Office Furnishings and Herman Miller.

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Getting to Know Emersion-ites: Melissa Johnson

Spotlight on Senior Interior Designer, Melissa Johnson!

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Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Michael has traveled the Globe, and for this week’s entry regales us with his story of hiking the Appalachian Trail.

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Symposium on Sustainability in Health Care 2014

2014 Symposium on Sustainability in Health Care

Heather gives an overview of the recent Symposium on Sustainability in Health Care and her takeaways from speaker, Jeff Thompson’s, keynote speech.

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Getting to Know Emersion-ites: Krista Paas Nicholas

Spotlight on Architect, Krista Paas Nicholas.

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My First Design Lunch

Resident Guru, Bryant Cherry, attended his first design lunch and was kind enough to share his experience. This month’s lunch was ttitled “o LIMP ics” – inspired by abandoned Olympic venues from games throughout history.

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Safety First

Jackie shares her concern for safety and encourages First Aid courses.

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Getting to Know Emersion-ites: Alan Hautman

Spotlight on Pricipal/Project Manager, Alan Hautman!

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Metrobot – heart piece in storage

Getting Nam June Paik’s Metrobot back on the street

Jim takes a moment to express his experience and impressions gained in working on the re-installation of Metrobot with the Contemporary Arts Center.

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FETCH-Lab (Photo from UC)

The League for Animal Welfare + FETCH-LAB create sound-absorbent panels for the kennels

Heather relays her involvement with the League for Animal Welfare and her interest in advances in Canine hearing and Lab Animal Bioacoustics (FETCH-LAB).

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Getting to Know Emersion-ites: Charlie Kemp

Spotlight on Architect, Charlie Kemp.

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A Haiku

A haiku for this week’s inspirational post from Chad.

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Wehby Family

Getting to Know Emersionites: Heather Wehby

Spotlight on Project Architect, Heather Wehby.

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Middle School Class Group Lego Construction

Architecture, Children, and Thinking Outside the Box

Mark shares his observations through teaching young students about architecture and its rewards.

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acropolis museum

codes, codes, codes …

Heather explains her frustration and understanding (as well as observation of blatant disregard for) a necessary evil, building code regulations.

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Inspiration: Winemaking

Alan tells us about his adventures in winemaking.

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in Nappa Valley

Getting to Know Emersion-ites: Heather Ratliff

Spotlight on Interior Designer, Heather Ratliff.

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