Our mission is to advance clients who advance society. We accomplish this by consistently designing regenerative, cost effective, and beautiful places, spaces, and buildings. Every project. Every day.

1st A/E LEED Platinum office. Ever.

New office is LEED Platinum Certified

Completed 9 Net-Zero Energy Buildings

International Award Winning design. Hua!

Intense, yet casual environment.

310 Culvert Street, Suite 100
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 USA
513 841 9100

Clients We Serve

We advance those that serve our neighborhoods, our state and our nation with the expertise, thoughtfulness and dedication they deserve. Since our inception, emersion DESIGN has served clients at all levels of government. We understand the intricacies of the bid and procurement process as well the dynamic needs of governmental departments and agencies.

We believe it is essential to align our efforts by first focusing on the client’s broader mission.

This helps to confirm that we solve the right problems.

We achieve this through a highly experienced staff who are passionate about ensuring clients, from the community level to those serving our nation, are able to operate in high-quality, sustainable facilities.

We advance those that educate and inspire us through our thoughtful, sustainable and cost effective learning spaces. Our beautiful and flexible spaces give our clients superior spaces to educate, create and collaborate so they can enhance academic and societal growth.

Our integrative and immersive team focuses their efforts on the planned pedagogical outcomes, culture and vision of our patrons.

Our high performing, sustainable spaces and building designs have transformed learning environments for collegiate, secondary and primary education clients, as well as museum, library, and non-profit organization stakeholders.

We recognize that today’s educational spaces and workplace must be adaptable.

Science & Technology
We advance the great inventors, explorers and investigators of our time with our highly technical and secure facility design. We are service oriented and provide leadership and technical design capabilities suited for any industrial, data, engineering, technology or laboratory challenge.

We routinely work with clients who have secure, confidential and unique building or process requirements.

We apply our leadership in stringent technical requirements to design innovative spaces, such as SCIFs, anechoic chambers, advanced manufacturing facilities, wet and dry laboratories, research and development workshops for aerospace, 4th revolution, communication and product development.